Tickstory v1.9.4 has just been released!


The major update in this release is that Tickstory now supports Metatrader 5 to allow you to back-test with both bar and tick data.  Please see the following links that provide instructional information on how to test with Metatrader 5:



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The changes in this version include:
v1.9.4.1 (25/06/2019)

• [artf359689] Added 299 symbols that cover U.S. Equities/CFDs.

v1.9.4.0 (20/05/2019)

• [artf358735] Official support for Metatrader 5 (MT5) bar and tick export formats.
• [artf359163] File export: Add ‘Bar Tick Count/Volume’ (BARTICKCOUNT) field to denote price ticks per bar (eg. {BarTickCount}).
• [artf348794] File export: Add “Bar spread” (BARMAXSPREAD/INT) field to denote maximum spread of a bar (eg. {BarMaxSpread} or {BarMaxSpreadInt}.
• [artf359164] File export: Add ‘Tick Spread’ (BIDASKSPREAD/INT) field to denote spread of a tick (eg. {BidAskSpread} or {BidAskSpreadInt}).
• [artf359165] File export: Add ‘Random’ (RANDOM) field to allow output of random numbers (eg. {Random:1,10}).

Subscribers can use their download links to obtain this latest version.
For further discussion please go here:  https://tickstory.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1865