Import free data into Ninjatrader in 3 Simple Steps

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Using the Ninjatrader platform?  Tickstory makes easy work of getting accurate historical data into your platform.  Just 3 simple steps is all it takes.  Just download Tickstory, export free historical tick data and then import it into Ninjatrader. Watch the video to learn more - turn on captions in the video to get a narrative [...]

How to Download Free Historical Data

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Downloading historical data is easy with Tickstory!  This video explains how to export historical data such as 15-minute, hourly and daily bars.  Tickstory supports custom export formatting so you can tailor your data and prepare it for import into almost any trading package.   Get data for your trading system in 3 easy steps. [...]

How to Download Free Tick Data

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Tickstory is a tick data downloading software application which allows you to download highly accurate tick data for free. This video shows you how to download and export tick data so you can use it in your own trading or analysis package. The process couldn’t be easier and this video shows you how to do it in [...]

Import data into Amibroker in 3 Simple Steps

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Tickstory supports importing data into the Amibroker platform.  In just 3 simple steps, you can back-fill your Amibroker database with tick or bar data and use it for analysis and testing.

Metatrader Back-testing with 99% modelling quality

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Back-testing your Metatrader 4 Expert Advisers (EAs) is easy with Tickstory.  This video shows how you can achieve 99.9% modelling quality in the MT4 Strategy Tester.  This is because Tickstory allows you to utilise tick data when back-testing instead of 1-minute data.  You’ll be able to more accurately assess the performance of your EA – [...]