Tickstory v1.9.5 has just been released!

The most notable changes (other than Metatrader 5 support and 299 U.S. stock symbols we added in v1.9.4), are that this version now implements download queuing and support for the most recent MT4 Build 1212.

You will note a slight change in the user-interface which now displays a tree view of the available symbols. This new structure will pave the way for more data-sources which we expect to be available very soon!

Full details are as follows:

v1.9.5.2 (04/Nov/2019)
• [artf361583] Improvement: Optimize memory use during bar generation.
• [artf361584] Fix: Fixed ‘bad license’ message on certain system configurations.

v1.9.5.1 (12/Sep/2019)
• [artf361027] New – MT4 Launcher: Support for Build 1212

v1.9.5.0 (11/Sep/2019)
• [artf360988] New – MT4 Launcher: Support for Build 1210
• [artf351082] New – Ability to queue/manage export tasks.
• [artf360872] New – Add new setting to manage max number of concurrent tasks.
• [artf360627] Improvement – Major update of main symbol layout to cater for new datasources.
• [artf360626] Improvement – Changed date formatting on main symbol view so sorting by date is possible.
• [artf354205] Improvement – Automatically put in beginning date when Downloading a symbol.
• [artf360874] Fix – View Data window didn’t always show status.
• [artf360614] Fix – Possible exception when chart is close mid-download.


Subscribers can use their download links to obtain this latest version.
For further discussion please go here:  https://tickstory.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1865