Tickstory v1.8.9.5 has just been released!   The changes include:

• [artf332232] MT4 Export: ‘Map to’ field not saved in .mt4config file.
• [artf354640] Column sorting not working (also some keyboard short-cuts in the Log Window)

From v1.8.9.4:

• [artf354232] Setup/Installation: Fixed issue with Chinese translations.

From v1.8.9.3:
• [artf350935] Application and setup are now digitally signed for extra security.
• [artf349470] Update to the latest Microsoft .NET v4.6 framework including various important features and security enhancements.
• [artf349575] Setup/installation improvements (language support, etc).
• [artf350360] Updated icons so they reflect the category of the instrument.
• [artf350361] Obsolesced now defunct symbols AUCMDUSD and E_SI.
• [artf350359] Improved translations (on main screen, etc).
• [artf351089] Support language-specific software update messages.Fixes
• [artf349469] Fix issue with occasional error in Charts and Data Inspector.
• [artf354005] Error during startup under some systems who are proxied.
This update is provided FREE for all v1.8.x users.
If you have already purchased v1.8.x, then you can obtain this latest version by using the download link you were emailed when you completed your order.