Tickstory Lite v1.5.4 has been released!  In this version, there are many important fixes and changes including:

• Many new changes and fixes have been implemented in line with our ‘Standard’ version version of Tickstory (Lite limitations still apply – see our Download page for further information).

• Important updates – the most important being to prepare for the obsolescence of a web-wide protocol (TLS v1.0).  This means that this software update is critical to ensure continued connectivity to data servers.

• Microsoft .NET v4.6 is now a pre-requisite for using Tickstory.  The software component is typically installed by default on the later versions of Windows.  If not, it will be automatically downloaded and installed during the setup process.  Microsoft supports .NET v4.6 on Windows 7, 8 and 10 along with Windows Server 2008 and above (see this page to cross-check compatibility of your operating system).  If your operating system does not appear, you will need to upgrade accordingly.  Please note that operating systems not listed are no longer actively supported by Microsoft and upgrading is a requirement if you wish to continue using Tickstory.

• Please note that the ‘Lite’ version is community supported.  That means users just like you can help us by participating and answering user questions on our forum.  Other contributions such as translation improvements, useful scripts and/or suggestions are always welcome!

• If you enjoy using our software, please consider purchasing a license – we have been supporting the trading community with (free) software and support for over 6 years now and counting.  Licensed users help our software get stronger and better (and also give you access to more software features)!

• To download the latest version, please click here and please don’t forget to show your support for us by sharing and liking us in any way you can!  😉

Happy back-testing!

Further discussion here:  https://tickstory.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1735