The latest version of Tickstory is now available to licensed users!
The following updates have been made to this latest version:
New features
• [artf235860] MT4 Export: Support for exporting tick count as volume.
• [artf235797] MT4 Export: Support for embedding “real” spread in export (Note: This only affects the data export file.
The Tickstory launcher does not currently support variable spread. This feature is provided for those utilising Birt’s TDS – See http://cd710nh5qn5ax84ol4ncpnfp99.hop.c … t/?tid=V17.
• [artf235860] MT4 Export: ‘Suppress volume’ not checked by default and will instead export actual ticks.
• [artf286803] Improved Russian translation (thanks to Rever27).
• [artf286802] URI exception sometimes occurred on startup.

Detailed information about this version– Volume now is expressed in ticks. This means by default the “suppress volume info” is now unchecked and the number of ticks in a bar will be exported in the volume field.

– Spread can now be embedded by checking the corresponding check-box as shown in the screenshot. This allows back-testing with variable spreads*. When this option is checked, an extra field within the MT4 database export will contain the spread, expressed as an integer.
That is, if your broker is 5 digit and the current bid/ask spread is 2.5 pips, the value “25” will be embedded. If your broker is 4 digit, the spread will be “2”. This conforms with the way spread is handled by MT4 in the “spread” field within the back-tester.
An additional “padding” value can be added to the spread value to see how your EA responds to varying spreads. This value is an integer and will be added to the bid/ask spread that is calculated. For a 5-digit broker, specifying 1 in this value will change the spread of 2.5 pips into 2.6 pips (and the value 26 will be embedded in the MT4 export).
For a 4-digit broker, specifying 1 will change a 2.5 pip spread to 3.5 (and the integer value of “3” will be embedded into the export).

*Note that variable spread back-testing is currently only supported by Birt’s TDS at this stage (See http://cd710nh5qn5ax84ol4ncpnfp99.hop.c … t/?tid=V17).

Tickstoryv17 changes.jpg


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