Tickstory v1.7.5 has just been released!   The changes include:


New features
• [artf303826] Introduced Persian/Farsi translation.
• [artf310635] Added support for 2-minute and 10-minute timeframes in file export, charts & data viewer.
• [artf304269] Tickstory ‘Standard’ version labelling changed.
• [artf304738] Clarify that XAUUSD is the main symbol for GOLD data & moved XAU & XAG to ‘Commodity’ category.
• [artf303830] MT4 Launcher: Extra check to ensure terminal.exe exists before launching
• [artf310405] EURHUF & USDHUF prices corrected (previously out by a factor of 100).


Registered users can download this update for free simply by clicking on the download link they were originally emailed when they registered.  If your download link is currently unavailable, please let us know and we will address it.