Historical Price data for BSE Equities

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Historical Price data for BSE Equities


Market data: Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Equities daily historical data including 50****, 51****, and the rest of the series (5729 other symbols in total).  You can download this item for free simply by clicking on the “share” social links.

Product Description

This data package contains daily historical price data for Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Equities.  It is in a compressed RAR format and contains 1 CSV file per instrument.

Symbol name(s):  50****, 51****, and others (1873 symbols in total).
Instrument type: Equities
Market(s): BSE
Date range: Earliest-2014
Data Type: Daily OHLC Prices
File format: CSV
File size: 139MB
Formatting: Ticker, Symbol Name, {Date:yyyyMMdd},{Open},{High},{Low},{Close},{Volume},{Open Interest}

Data sample:

<ticker>,<name>,<date>,<open>,<high>,<low>,<close>,<volume>, <o/i>
8KMILES,8K Miles Software Services Limited,01/29/2014,107.00,108.00,97.50,98.35,24034,7243
8KMILES,8K Miles Software Services Limited,01/30/2014,101.25,101.25,96.90,98.20,4599,2690
8KMILES,8K Miles Software Services Limited,01/31/2014,97.05,103.00,97.05,101.95,6672,6310
8KMILES,8K Miles Software Services Limited,02/03/2014,102.95,114.00,102.95,111.20,48716,26051
8KMILES,8K Miles Software Services Limited,02/04/2014,111.00,119.35,110.00,116.50,106902,45409
8KMILES,8K Miles Software Services Limited,02/05/2014,118.35,120.50,114.00,116.85,14636,7018
8KMILES,8K Miles Software Services Limited,02/06/2014,117.00,118.35,110.00,111.30,14082,8231
8KMILES,8K Miles Software Services Limited,02/07/2014,117.30,117.30,111.05,112.00,1681,963
8KMILES,8K Miles Software Services Limited,02/10/2014,114.30,118.00,112.80,116.00,11008,6717
8KMILES,8K Miles Software Services Limited,02/11/2014,114.05,115.70,112.40,113.90,1232,1211


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Additional Information

File Format

Comma-delimited (CSV)


50****, 51****, etc

Instrument type




Data Format

Ticker,Symbol Name,{Date:yyyyMMdd},{Open},{High},{Low},{Close},{Volume},{Open Interest}

File size



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