Back-testing your Metatrader 4 Expert Advisers (EAs) is easy with Tickstory.  This video shows how you can achieve 99.9% modelling quality in the MT4 Strategy Tester.  This is because Tickstory allows you to utilise tick data when back-testing instead of 1-minute data.  You’ll be able to more accurately assess the performance of your EA – in 5 simple steps.

Why use tick data?

Tick data allows you to more accurately simulate real-world broker data and scenarios that affects how your trading strategy (or Expert Adviser) performs.  Consider that within each 1-minute candle, there typically is a series of individual price movements that occur.  These price movements can affect your outcome since they represent different activity and execution prices that your strategy is dependent on.  This is especially true for scalping strategies that are highly dependent on small price movements to make their trading decisions.  In many cases, an EA tested with 1-minute data (at 90% modelling quality) can show an impressive equity curve.  Testing with tick data (at 99.9% modelling quality) can reveal a completely different result to show the strategy is in-fact not profitable at all!

Whether it is your own EA you are testing or the next touted “cash machine”, Tickstory helps you make an objective and more accurate judgement about its profitability – saving you time and of course, money!  Don’t trust any EA or strategy until you’ve used Tickstory!

Check out our video below on how to get started.  It is recommended you turn on your ‘Closed Captions’ (the ‘CC’ button in the video player).  This will give you an important narration during the video which can be translated to your local language.

If you wish to download Tickstory, you can do so by clicking here.