• [artf361027] New – MT4 Launcher: Support for Build 1212

• [artf360988] New – MT4 Launcher: Support for Build 1210
• [artf351082] New – Ability to queue/manage export tasks.
• [artf360872] New – Add new setting to manage max number of concurrent tasks.
• [artf360627] Improvement – Major update of main symbol layout to cater for new datasources.
• [artf360626] Improvement – Changed date formatting on main symbol view so sorting by date is possible.
• [artf354205] Improvement – Automatically put in beginning date when Downloading a symbol.
• [artf360874] Fix – View Data window didn’t always show status.
• [artf360614] Fix – Possible exception when chart is close mid-download.

• [artf359689] Added 299 U.S equities/stock symbols.

• [artf358735] Official support for Metatrader 5 (MT5) bar and tick export formats.
• [artf359163] File export: Add ‘Bar Tick Count/Volume’ (BARTICKCOUNT) field to denote price ticks per bar (eg. {BarTickCount}).
• [artf348794] File export: Add “Bar spread” (BARMAXSPREAD/INT) field to denote maximum spread of a bar (eg. {BarMaxSpread} or {BarMaxSpreadInt}.
• [artf359164] File export: Add ‘Tick Spread’ (BIDASKSPREAD/INT) field to denote spread of a tick (eg. {BidAskSpread} or {BidAskSpreadInt}).
• [artf359165] File export: Add ‘Random’ (RANDOM) field to allow output of random numbers (eg. {Random:1,10}).

• [artf358586] Improvement – Re-activate symbols: EURDKK, BAYNDEEUR.
• [artf358607] Improvement – Instrument names have been changed to make them more readable.
• [artf358645] Improvement – Remove EURBRL, HUFJPY, USDCZK, UZDHKD and USDRON from default Mt4config files.
• [artf358645] Remove unused definitions from default Mt4Config files (EURBRL, HUFJPY, USDCZK, UZDHKD and USDRON).
• [artf358587] Fix – Correct decimal place issue for BRAIDXBRL and recently added COCOACMDUSD, COFFEECMDUSD, COTTONCMDUSX, OJUICECMDUSX, SUGARCMDUSD.
• [artf358608] Fix – Base Currency display now working for non-FX symbols in MT4 Settings window.

• [artf358396] New – Add symbols Cocoa (COCOACMDUSD), Coffee (COFFEECMDUSX), Cotton (COTTONCMDUSX), Orange Juice (OJUICECMDUSX) and Sugar (SUGARCMDUSD).

• [artf356371] Improvement – Remove/Update obsolete Dukascopy symbols: BAYNDEEUR, CUCMDUSD, USAMJRIDXUSD

• [artf357333] New – MT4 Launcher: Support for Build 1170

• [artf357020] New – MT4 Launcher: Support for Build 1160

• [artf356641] Improvement – Added Support ID information to License activation screen.
• [artf356630] Fix – Optimization of server connections to avoid 500 errors on some systems.

• [artf356463] Fix – Issue introduced in last version resulting in 503 errors.

• [artf356462] New – Support for Metatrader Build 1147
• [artf356463] Improvement – Handling for other data server errors (eg. connection closed).

• [artf356376] New – Support for Metatrader Build 1146.

• [artf355869] Improvement – Removed obsolete Dukascopy symbols: EURDKK, USACOMIDXUSD.
• [artf355860] Improvement – Issue with detecting some network timeouts correctly.

• [artf355827] New – MT4 Launcher: Support for Build 1127.
• [artf355811] Improvement – Additional handling for Dukascopy throttling (Timeout errors, etc).

• [artf355483] Resolve “Server Error 503 – Server unavailable” errors.

• [artf354004] Full version: Major download speed enhancements via multi-threaded downloads.
• [artf353865] MT4 Launcher: Support for Build 1100->1126.
• [artf345754] Added BTCUSD and ETHUSD crypto-currency pricing.
• [artf354356] Lite: Users can now launch the latest MT4 version (additional limitations now apply – see
• [artf354650] Lite: Enable exporting of tick volume data for Lite users.
• [artf348309] Updated Software EULA (Always see https://tickstory/EULA for the latest)
• [artf354355] View Data & Charts: Status not always appearing correctly.Improvements
• [artf354003] Add missing translations in File Export window.
• [artf353864] Remove support for legacy TDS launcher.
• [artf354541] Added “Copy To Clipboard” to Unexpected Error dialog.

• [artf354151] Ensure all exports, Chart and Data Inspector download the entire begin or end day (from 00:00=23:59 utc)
• [artf354673] Fix potential unhandled error when shutting down while operation in progress.
• [artf354746] Setup/Installation: Potential issue with .NET v4.6 detection.


• [artf332232] MT4 Export: ‘Map to’ field not saved in .mt4config file.
• [artf354640] Column sorting not working (also some keyboard short-cuts in the Log Window)

• [artf354232] Setup/Installation: Fixed issue with Chinese translations.

v1.8.9.3 (v1.5.4 LITE)
• [artf350935] Application and setup are now digitally signed for extra security.
• [artf349470] Update to the latest Microsoft .NET v4.6 framework including various important features and security enhancements.
• [artf349575] Setup/installation improvements (language support, etc).
• [artf350360] Updated icons so they reflect the category of the instrument.
• [artf350361] Obsolesced now defunct symbols AUCMDUSD and E_SI.
• [artf350359] Improved translations (on main screen, etc).
• [artf351089] Support language-specific software update messages.Fixes
• [artf349469] Fix issue with occasional error in Charts and Data Inspector.
• [artf354005] Error during startup under some systems who are proxied.

New features
• [artf335433] Added: Dukascopy symbol USDCNH.
• [artf340394] Add pre-defined format for Tradestation.

• [artf338655] ZARJPY price is out by a factor of 100.
• [artf346689] Fix issue with Pound sign (£) in Instrument names.
• [artf343902] Minor French translation improvements.
• [artf347406] File Export: Updated/corrected pre-defined Ninjatrader format.


New features
• [artf333590] MT4 Launcher: Support for Build 1090.


New features
• [artf333590] MT4 Launcher: Support for Build 1080.


New features
• [artf331663] MT4 Launcher: Support for Build 1065.


New features
• [artf329463] MT4 Launcher: Support for Build 1045.


New features
• [artf326781] MT4 Launcher: Support for Build 1030-1031.

• [artf321749] Minimise web queries for registered users.

• [artf314272] Timezone adjustment now defaults to “None” in file & MT4 exports.
• [artf321487] File Export: Timezone information button not working.
• [artf313401] Issue with automatic language selection.
• [artf321453] Problem with display of some windows (MT4 Export & Main Form) in some languages and on some systems.

New features
• [artf311407] Added 34 Stocks/CFDs covering the some of the major German companies.
• [artf318738] Changed data query url from to

New features
• [artf311433] MT4 Launcher: Now supports MT4 Build 1010+.

New features
• [artf311433] MT4 Launcher: Now supports MT4 Build 974-985.

New features
• [artf311433] MT4 Launcher: Now supports MT4 Build 971.
• [artf311638] XAUUSD (Gold) and XAGUSD (Silver) had incorrect descriptions.

New features
• [artf311660] MT4 Launcher: Now supports MT4 Build 970.

Note: This version supports MT4 Build 950 and below.
New features
• [artf303826] Introduced Persian/Farsi translation.
• [artf310635] Added support for 2-minute and 10-minute timeframes in file export, charts & data viewer.

• [artf304269] Tickstory ‘Standard’ version labelling changed.
• [artf304738] Clarify that XAUUSD is the main symbol for GOLD data & moved XAU & XAG to ‘Commodity’ category.
• [artf303830] MT4 Launcher: Extra check to ensure terminal.exe exists before launching.

• [artf310405] EURHUF & USDHUF prices corrected (previously out by a factor of 100)

New features
• [artf302130] MT Launcher: Support for builds 940 + 950 (NOTE: A workaround is required to set spread correctly. Further details are available in our v1.7.4 release notes.).

• [artf297155] MT Export: Now exports actual server name instead of info from MT4 settings.
• [artf297156] MT Launcher: Now supports Build 920+.
• [artf297001] MT4 Export: Fixed zero-divide error sometimes occurring in TickstoryExpertEA.
Please note that as a result of a breaking change in MT4 Build 920, you will need to regenerate your MT4 exports.
Further discussion here:

• [artf288240] MT4 Export: FXT files not being marked as read-only when created for the first time.

• [artf288241] Improved Japanese translation.

• [artf288143] FXT Data Editor not saving, reporting that file was in use.

New features
• [artf235860] MT4 Export: Support for exporting tick count as volume.
• [artf235797] MT4 Export: Support for embedding “real” spread in export.

• [artf235860] MT4 Export: ‘Suppress volume’ not checked by default and will instead export actual ticks.
• [artf286803] Improved Russian translation (thanks to Rever27).

• [artf286802] URI exception sometimes occurred on startup.

• [artf281275] ZARJPY price was out by factor of 100.
• [artf282006] Fix for launcher being added multiple times causing long error messages.
• [artf284536] MT4 Export: Suppressed anomalous (zero priced) tick data causing ‘invalid file’ errors.

• [artf280419] Suppress banner for licensed users until pre-defined date.
• [artf280422] Minor update to menu translations.

New features
•[artf279130] MT4 Launcher: Added support for latest Metatrader Builds 730+.

•[artf272539] Margin Currency is being exported as ‘USD’ instead of ‘EUR’ for ‘EURUSD’.
•[artf254896] Added support for AUSIDXAUD.

•[artf257462] Set default Dukascopy store location to writeable folder.

• Dukascopy WTI Light Crude Oil has changed from WTICMDUSD to LIGHTCMDUSD.
• Add new pre-defined format to export bar data to Ninjatrader.

• MT4 Export: Swap not being enabled correctly on export
• Dukascopy WTI Light Crude Oil price was incorrect.

New features
•[TICKLITE-148] Added Dukascopy historical data covering world indexes and commodities.

•[TICKLITE-149] Allow sorting of instrument grid by clicking column headers.

•[TICKLITE-146] MT4 Export: Default account & margin currencies set to USD.

•[TICKLITE-143] MT4 Tick Expert EA did not export value for Margin Currency.
•[TICKLITE-144] MT4 Export: Commission type was not being exported correctly.
•[TICKLITE-145] MT4 Export: Open prices of H4/Daily bars not correct in some cases.
•[TICKLITE-147] MT4 Export: Base currencies were not being set correctly according to exported symbol.

New features
•[TICKLITE-139] MT4Export: Added support for Build 545+ which uses new file formats.
•[TICKLITE-139] MT4 Launcher: Now supports Build 545+.
•[TICKLITE-140] MT4 Launcher: Now supports command-line args.

•[TICKLITE-138] MT4Export: Fixed issue with CommissionType being saved incorrectly in MT4 Info.
•[TICKLITE-142] MT4Export: Opening bar price not correct in specific situations.

•[TICKLITE-136] Provide additional timezone information including daylight saving adjustment info.
•[TICKLITE-137] Add new timezone “(UTC +02:00) UTC +2 with European/London DST” (Alpari).

•[TICKLITE-132] Fixed issue with Birt’s CSV2FXT file export format.
•[TICKLITE-133] Minor issue with the example display of Bid & Ask volume in File export screen.
•[TICKLITE-134] MT4Export: Fixed data export issue when not exporting at least one time-frame.

•[TICKLITE-131] Improvements to Chinese translation including Simplified and Traditional versions.

•[TICKLITE-126] Some users having issues reading in MT4 config files due to personalised Windows regional settings.
•[TICKLITE-128] MT4 Export: Back-filling of flat bar data in gaps has now been disabled.
•[TICKLITE-129] Windows 7 users encountering ‘permission denied’ errors while saving settings
•[TICKLITE-130] Windows 7 users experiencing UAC prompt to require administrator access.

New features
•[TICKLITE-93] Added basic charting feature to allow visualisation of stored data.
•[TICKLITE-94] Added data inspector to allow viewing of data in a tabular form.
•[TICKLITE-113] MT4 Launcher now supports MT4 builds 500+ (available to all!)

•[TICKLITE-124] Now allows advanced features for users that do not have access to Facebook ‘Like’.
•[TICKLITE-125] Updated translations for Russian, German, and Spanish

•[TICKLITE-121] File export: Correct Forex Strategy Builder export format.

New feature:
•[TICKLITE-119] File export: Add new pre-defined format to export bar data to Forex Tester 2.
•[TICKLITE-120] File export: Add new pre-defined format to export bar data to Forex SB.

•[TICKLITE-117] Improved German language translation.

•[TICKLITE-114] MT4 Export: Export uses incorrect MT4 Info when exporting a mapped symbol.
•[TICKLITE-115] Application fails to start due to embedded web-browser exception on some systems.
•[TICKLITE-116] MT4 Editor: Editing FXT file caused crashes/zero-divide errors.

New Feature
•[TICKLITE-109] File export: Add new pre-defined format to export tick data to Birt’s CSV2FXT.
•[TICKLITE-110] File export: Add new pre-defined format to export tick data to Ninjatrader.
•[TICKLITE-112] File export: Add new pre-defined format to export bar data to Neuroshell Trader.
•[TICKLITE-113] File export: Add new pre-defined format to export bar & tick data to Amibroker.
•[TICKLITE-113] MT4 Launcher now supports MT4 builds 500+ (available to Friends of Tickstory).

•[TICKLITE-111] File export: Now automatically selects suitable time-frame when choosing a pre-defined format.
•[TICKLITE-13] File export: Dialog should remember last used settings.

•[TICKLITE-108] Folder selection button for “Store Location” setting was not working.

New Feature
•[TICKLITE-15] Added MT4 data editor which allows changing of spread (and other settings) without having to regenerate export.
•[TICKLITE-88] Add new timezone that supports NY trading hours.
•[TICKLITE-100] Special features available for ‘Friends of Tickstory’ – a big ‘thanks’ for your support! Click the ‘Like’ button to join the club!
•[TICKLITE-101] Language support for Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

•[TICKLITE-95] Clarified message when users could not select an MT4 folder location.

•[TICKLITE-92] MT4 Launcher: Issue with launcher for some users (causing FXT to be overwritten)
•[TICKLITE-96] MT4 Export: Stop-out level, GTC pending and Commission Lots now correctly uses custom/config settings.
•[TICKLITE-97] MT4 Export: Margin currency can not be custom set.
•[TICKLITE-104] MT4 Export: Fixed issue with “Unrecognised token BASECOMMISSION” error for Turkish users.

New Feature
•[TICKLITE-62] File export: Added 30 minute, 4-hour and 12-hour export time-frames.
•[TICKLITE-64] MT4 Export: Allow filtering of duplicate ticks.
•[TICKLITE-86] MT4 Export: Allows overwrite protection of FXT files by making them read-only.

•[TICKLITE-59] MT4 Export: Externalised ‘Margin Divider’ field so it can be custom set (previously was fixed to 1.0).
•[TICKLITE-66] MT4 Export: Automatically defaults the ‘MetaTrader Info’ symbol to the first symbol selected for export.
•[TICKLITE-67] Application can be installed and run without elevated administrator permissions under Windows 7+.
•[TICKLITE-70] Added toolbar button to “Launch MT4”
•[TICKLITE-71] MT4 Export: Round prices to the number of instrument ‘digits’ (for those brokers not supporting fractional prices).
•[TICKLITE-72] MT4 Export: Removed “default” server when selecting an MT4 terminal server.
•[TICKLITE-73] Highlight the currently selected MT4 folder when showing folder selection box.
•[TICKLITE-74] MT4 Export: Allow suppression of volume information when generating export.
•[TICKLITE-75] MT4 Launcher: Now brings MT4 terminal window to foreground when launched.
•[TICKLITE-77] MT4/File Export: Date format for date selection now uses regional settings (as opposed to preset format).
•[TICKLITE-81] Added Facebook ‘Like’ button.
•[TICKLITE-82] Log information can now be copied to clipboard.
•[TICKLITE-89] MT4 Export: Volume can never be zero (to resolve issue TICKLITE-60). Zero volume bars will be set to 1.

•[TICKLITE-60] MT4 Export: Fixed issue with ‘invalid file’ error on backtest.
•[TICKLITE-69] MT4 Launcher: Was sometimes incorrectly giving error message on second launch (only affects only Build 432).
•[TICKLITE-76] MT4 Export: Specification of custom export directories was not working.
•[TICKLITE-80] MT4 Export: XAUUSD and XAGUSD should be defined as 3-digits in “Generic 5-Digit Broker” config
•[TICKLITE-84] MT4 Export: Weekly/monthly bars were getting filtered when they occurred on the weekend.
•[TICKLITE-85] MT4 Export: Bar start times should start on the hour for time-frames > 1 minute.
•[TICKLITE-87] MT4 Export: Data download wasn’t working correctly if the Dukascopy store location had a ending back-slash.

New Feature
•[TICKLITE-46] MT4 Export: Allow weekend data to be excluded (this will occur now by default)
•[TICKLITE-52] MT4 Launcher: Added support for Birt’s Tick Data Suite.
•[TICKLITE-53] MT4 Launcher: Added support for MT4 Build 445 & 451.

•[TICKLITE-45] MT4 Export: Now generates flat-bars (for all time periods) when there is a gap or pause in trading.
•[TICKLITE-50] Further optimisation of the download and export speeds.

•[TICKLITE-49] Bar volume now correctly reflects the sum of Bid and Ask volumes (previously came out as zero).

•[TICKLITE-36] Clarified which timezones have daylight savings shifts and which dont. Now also
auto-selects GMT with no daylight savings for WinXP users.
•[TICKLITE-40] Optimised Dukascopy downloading so it retrieves data faster.

•[TICKLITE-37] Now stores config data in a common product path so settings aren’t lost when upgrading
•[TICKLITE-39] MT4 Launcher: Incorrectly recognised the Metatrader Language editor as the main terminal if it was already running.
•[TICKLITE-42] File export: Comma delimited files are exported with numeric formats that may contain commas
•[TICKLITE-44] Bars were becoming out-of-sync due to pauses in ticks.

•[TICKLITE-31] – MT4 Export: Support for micro accounts and gold symbol mapping.
•[TICKLITE-32] – MT4 Export: Changed instructions of how to produce Custom Broker Settings

•[TICKLITE-33] – Minor fixes to the MT4 TickstoryInfo Expert:
-Added missing/incorrect instruments NZDJPY, CHFSGD, USDHKD
-Now gets AccountLeverage and AccountCurrency
•[TICKLITE-34] – File export does not export any data (issue introduced in 0.4 change)

New Feature
•[TICKLITE-23] – MT4: Plug-in/tool to allow launching of patched MT4 terminal
•[TICKLITE-25] – Online help via F1 describing features of Tickstory Lite

•[TICKLITE-27] – Support for EU/global number support including comma for decimal
•[TICKLITE-29] – Rename MT4 configs to .mt4config instead of .config to prevent confusion/clashes
•[TICKLITE-24] – File export now ensures you can’t select a bar/tick format unless your timeframe matches.

•[TICKLITE-26] – TickstoryInfoExpert was incorrectly generating Lot Size, Min Lot and Max lot 100 times the broker’s value.
– All broker-specific configs should be re-generated to address the issue.
– Generic broker configs have been updated.

New Feature
•[TICKLITE-12] – MT4 Export: Dialog now remembers last settings
•[TICKLITE-18] – MT4 Export: Allow selection of MT4 terminal and auto-detect folder locations

•[TICKLITE-17] – MT4 Export: Ensure back-test report shows full green bar indicating high-quality back-test
•[TICKLITE-19] – Ensure export dialogs (File & MT4) do not select today’s date for the end date since no data is available from Dukascopy
•[TICKLITE-20] – File & MT4 Exports are not properly defaulting to GMT for Windows XP
•[TICKLITE-14] – MT4 Export: Renamed TickstoryInfoScript.ex4 to TickstoryInfoExpert.ex4 to avoid confusion

•[TICKLITE-07] – MT4 Export: Specifying invalid output path crashes the application
•[TICKLITE-09] – System reports “file is in use by another process” when using Dukascopy .cache locations.
•[TICKLITE-21] – MT4 Export: Deployment of MQ4 expert fails if the file already exists

– Fixed critical issue with regard to incorrect prices being generated (inflated by a factor of 10). Affected all instruments [TICKLITE-3].
This fix does not affect any downloaded data, only extracts will need to be re-generated to correct the prices.
– Dukascopy feed now will download zero-length files. If it encounters one during the trading week, it will try to recover the data [TICKLITE-4].
– Generic settings for a 4-digit broker are now provided within the package [TICKLITE-6]

– Default output file formats now do not output symbol to save space.
– Default tick file format now has date and time as a single column (previously 2 columns)
– Application now saves app settings in common path to avoid Windows 7 UAC restrictions
– MT4 Export now warns if certain fields are not set correctly.
– MQ4: Updated so it has all the Dukascopy symbols
– MQ4: Now assumes defaults for important fields such as Lot Size.

– Initial release

December 2016

Tickstory v1.8.6 Released

December 17th, 2016|

Tickstory v1.8.6 has just been released!   The changes include: New features • [artf326781] MT4 Launcher: Support for Build 1030-1031. This update is provided FREE for all v1.8.x users. If you have already purchased v1.8.0, [...]

October 2016

Tickstory v1.8.5 Released

October 10th, 2016|

Tickstory v1.8.5 has just been released!   The changes include: Imrovements • [artf321749] Minimise web queries for registered users. • [artf314272] Timezone adjustment now defaults to "None" in file & MT4 exports. Fixes • [...]

September 2016

Tickstory v1.8.4 Released

September 12th, 2016|

Tickstory v1.8.4 has just been released!   The changes include:   New features • [artf311407] Added 34 Stocks/CFDs covering the some of the major German companies. Imrovements • [artf318738] Changed data query url from [...]

August 2016

Tickstory v1.8.3 Released

August 19th, 2016|

Tickstory v1.8.3 has just been released!   The changes include: New features • [artf316368] MT4 Launcher: Now supports MT4 Build 1010. This update is FREE for all v1.8.x users. If you have already purchased v1.8.0, [...]

July 2016

Tickstory v1.8.2 Released

July 3rd, 2016|

They just keep coming:  Tickstory v1.8.2 has just been released!   The changes include: New features • [artf313399] MT4 Launcher: Now supports MT4 Build 974-985. If you have already downloaded v1.8.0, then please use [...]

June 2016

Tickstory v1.8.1 Released

June 8th, 2016|

They just keep coming:  Tickstory v1.8.1 has just been released!   The changes include:   New features • [artf311433] MT4 Launcher: Now supports MT4 Build 971.   • [artf311638] XAUUSD (Gold) and XAGUSD (Silver) [...]