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Possibility to check and verify the downloaded data?!

Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 11:35 am
by AndrewB

two weeks ago I downloaded 1 year historical data for EUR/USD for all timeframes.

I backtested quite a few times for 1 year on 1 hour chart, and all went good {nothing suspicious happened}.

I also backtested the 5 min chart for 1 month.

Now that I wanted to start optimizing with different inputs in the 5 min chart, I recognized the following:

When I do opt. backtest for 1 month [17.03-17.04], it takes very long; 2 days.
When I do opt. backtest for last 2 weeks of my data [01.04-17.04] it only takes a few seconds until it comes to an end.

What is happening here?!
Can I somehow verify whether the downloaded data is correct?

EDIT: Okay, I now found how to check the data.
Just right click in the software of tickstory on the currency, and check 'show data' for timeframe xx .