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Re: Error in download

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hello tickstory. I am China user, I found "http" can't connection the Dukascopy server, but "https" can connection the Dukascopy server. Please try changing http to https to solve the problem

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Re: Error in download

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Hi Luppy,

Could you please let us know the error you get using http vs https? There is a 'test' button on the "Dukascopy" connection, could you please press it and let us know the error (ideally is you could swap your Windows into English language so we can read the error). When you tested the https, presumably you are using your web browser? If so, could you please tell us the size of the file and also check to see whether it contains actual data (you can try opening it up in Notepad and it should be a series of "messy" binary characters)? We just need to make sure that the data you are getting from https is valid. Might be worthwhile noting that other Chinese users are using a VPN to workaround this issue and http works fine for them.


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