MT4 won't launch

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MT4 won't launch

Post by Arodriguez »

I am not able to launch mt4, once I click it I get the message" No official support is available for this feature and it could stop working with future versions of MT4" I click okay, & nothing happens. The symbols I have downloaded is USA30.DIX this symbol with my broker is "" . I'm not sure if that could be the reason MT4 does not launch at all?

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Re: MT4 won't launch

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Hi Arodriguez,

The "No official support" message is merely a notification. If MT4 was launched successfully, you will not see any further messages. MT4 should have started, however. Please check for it in your taskbar as it may have already been started and/or appearing on a different monitor.

In order to "map" the USA30.IDX symbol to your MT4 terminal's, please select "" from the "Map to" field in the Export to MT4->MT4 Settings tab as described in the manual. This will ensure that MT4 can correctly load this data.

Just a reminder that as part of your subscription, you also have access to our new Advanced Tester (in final beta). This also allows you to launch MT4 terminals for 99.9% back-testing along with variable spreads and more.

Hope this helps.

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