Data Storage Requirements

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Data Storage Requirements

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Hey fellow Tickstory users,

we are currently engaged in a project that's making me think quite hard about how best to store historical market data in a cloud storage service. One aspect that's proving a little tricky is figuring out exactly how much storage allocation we should prepare for.

To try and get a grip on this, we've been using the Tickstory free version for some initial tests. My team and I downloaded the entire historical NASDAQ data set, a single month of NASDAQ data, and a single month of EUR/USD data. The results were a bit confusing.

For example, the entire NASDAQ data package was about 35GB, while one month amounted to around 557MB. If you multiply that monthly data over a similar period as the full suite, it seems like the total should be much larger than the 35GB. Anyone else noticed this? Or is there an explanation that I'm missing?

For the month of EUR/USD data, the size was a compact 150MB. We're wondering if this could be because there are fewer symbols for each row of data.

Looking ahead, we'll need data for about 17 symbols, so we're expecting this to require a good chunk of storage space. But before we commit to a premium version of Tickstory and download all that data, we're hoping to get a sense of how much storage we should provision for. And if anyone has any tips or insights on the best ways to store this data in a cloud solution, I'd be very grateful to hear them!

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Best regards,


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