Backtest sometimes fast sometimes very slow

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Backtest sometimes fast sometimes very slow

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i have noticed that the same ea when i backtest with every tick it is running fast. And after a while its running very slow. Than i download again new data and use same ea. Backtest is fast and after 3-4 of the same tests it will go slow.

So i noticed that there is something with new data. When i download new data than all old will be deleted and backtests go fast. But after some tests it go slow. Can someone check this or have an idea why it is so?

Did i have to delete cache or something. What about the other users. Did you have the same? E.g one EA. Run backtest directly after download new tickdata is going fast. Next time same settings same ea it go slow. More times i test slower it will be..

So someone have same and have some tricks?

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