'Advanced Tester' beta now available!

Discussion of the latest application betas including reports of bugs, issues and suggestions before it is made available as a general release.
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Re: 'Advanced Tester' beta now available!

Post by jgt »

tickstory wrote:
Tue Oct 25, 2022 9:42 pm
Hi Jgt,

Welcome aboard! We haven't yet made any videos for the Walk-forward analyzer but intend to do so once we are fully out of beta. For the moment, we are channeling all the feedback we are getting to ensuring our documentation is complete.

Regarding optimizations, the first step would be to make sure you are familiar with the Metatrader Optimization documentation. The documentation explains how you can configure your EA so it can be used in the optimizer. That is, your EA must have parameters (for example, "take profit" and "stop loss" settings) that the MT4 Strategy Tester can iterate through while testing and show you the results.

Once you are more familiar with this MT4 feature, Tickstory's Walk-forward takes it to another level by allowing you to test with in and out of sample data (as explained in more detail in our manual). This feature uses the MT4 Strategy Optimizer over portions of your historical data to make sure it is not being "curve-fitted" to a particular set of data. In other words, the WFA will give you more confidence that your final optimized settings are working well on "unseen" data and therefore should work better in a live environment. The WFA will automatically traverse the in and out of sample data periods you have set. For example, you may choose to optimize for 30 days of "in-sample" data and then perform an out-of-sample test for 6 days and keep doing this for a period of 1 years. The WFA will perform all these tests inside MT4 Optimizer and finally generate a report of the results.
The details of how to interpret the report are discussed in the manual.

Hope this gives you enough to start with!
Thank you, it took me some hours yesterday but I finally figured it out.
I wasn't aware, you were able to save optimization files with the checkmarks checked, so I just couldn't figure out how I would be able to select which parts of the EA to test/optimize within the WFA.
Now that I know how it works, it's working wonders, it's really a great tool, really really love it.

Just only, when I did some big test yesterday with multiple optimizations selected and many itterations to run during the night when I was asleep, both ATM and MT4 were closed with no report anywhere so I think the software crashed during the night unfortunately.
Now I'm just doing smaller tests during the day and monitoring the results and taking notes manually.

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Re: 'Advanced Tester' beta now available!

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Hi Jgt - great to hear you're testing like a pro already ;)

Regarding using smaller datasets, yes, this is the best approach as some EAs tend to use up lots of memory testing with tick data and may result in MT4 not having sufficient memory to run.

Good luck with your optimizations!

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Re: 'Advanced Tester' beta now available!

Post by piertrading »

Hi there,

I am testing the Advanced tester. So far, I could install by whitelistng the installation folder, and I could connect my mt4. I deleted most of the data in the history folder so to be under the 1,9 GBite requirement.
I check to have selected and enabled the terminal, even so, I cannot see the "testing profile" enabled. It remains grey all the time.

I took a screenshot of that.
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YG- ... sp=sharing

Same for the "Walk forward analysis" tab. In the log I only see the launching messages.

I tried to run a test on the connected mt4 with a set of your data, and got a 99,9% quality.
I don't have any licence.
On that topic, today I posted on youtube a new video about tm4 backtesting using tickstory data. I also put a link to your website in the video notes as requires. Here is the link https://youtu.be/7bGX_WMbzXY

Hoping to be eligible for some free licence as advertised (if I could choose, I'd go with an Advanced Tester licence, when beta testing will be done, hoping I can have suggestions from you to start testing the software effectively.
So far, I could only have some language translation suggestions for italian (i'm not sure this thread is the right place for those suggestions, so I'll wait for your feedback first).
Best regards.

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Re: 'Advanced Tester' beta now available!

Post by tickstory »

Hi Pier,

Welcome and thanks for your video contribution about using Tickstory!

Regarding the issues you are having with inactive features, this is due to needing a valid license. We'll be contacting you offline about getting you set up with a license as part of our free license promo.

Speak soon!

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Re: 'Advanced Tester' beta now available!

Post by ontradingx »

Hello, I downloaded the advanced tester system for Metatrader 4 (Lite) and I realized that it is practically unusable since I cannot use anything from it to perform my tests.
Notice in the image I put here in my post that the session I could handle profit, currency commission margin, slippage all disabled, why does this happen?
Why do they offer something asking us to test it when this something doesn't even allow us to test it, that is, it doesn't work?
How can we resolve this, I'm really frustrated.

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Re: 'Advanced Tester' beta now available!

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Hi Ontradingx,

After over a year of free and open beta testing with our community, the full features of the Advanced Tester is now available to licensed users with an active subscription (and also those who participated in giving feedback/bug reports during the initial beta phase). The software currently has no outstanding bug reports and we will are aiming to make an official release with our next generation of Tickstory.

In the mean-time, if you would like to use the full features of the Advanced Tester you can do so by purchasing a Tickstory license and subscription.


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