Spread backtesting mt4

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Spread backtesting mt4

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Hello everyone.

I have a little doubt about backtesting in mt4. If I import data with spread included, should I also select for example current spread in the mt4 strategy
tester or set it to 2 (which is the lowest amount) because spread is already taken into account in the ticks imported?

thank you

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Re: Spread backtesting mt4

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Hi Mantos,

In the standard MT4 Strategy Tester, only fixed spread is supported and the spread amount is specified in the "Spread" field in the MT4 Strategy Tester "Settings" tab.

If you would like to test with variable spreads, you will need to use our Advanced Tester module (currently in beta) which will allow you to use spreads that are embedded in the exported data file (Tickstory->Export to MT4->Embed Real Spread).

Hope this helps.

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