Backtesting on EURUSD data

Historical data from European markets.
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Backtesting on EURUSD data

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The download of the EURUSD data went flawelessly with the bars / ticks history. Importing them in MT5 went smooth too.

But when I run a backtest on the data , then I see the trades opening but it gives 0 as profit or loss , stays 0 for all trades.

Is there something I'm still missing ?

Kind regards for the help.

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Re: Backtesting on EURUSD data

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Hi Andy,

Good that your data import has proceeded correctly. From what you are saying, it sounds like your EA is not closing the trade. As a first step, I would try testing with a standard EA that is included with MT5 to see if that works correctly. If it does, it would indicate that there is something wrong with your EA. You might want to check the Journal tab to see if any errors are occurring.

You can find a general trouble-shooting guide on this topic here.

Hope this helps.

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